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Pictures from the fantastic party today at our house, with grandpa,lots of friends, and this delicious VEGAN cake made by Ima:

And some from last month, just cause they are cute.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing the drums

With Chrissy and Mikey!

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Happy Adoption Day, Susy!

and some pictures from our lovely weekend in Cape May:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer escapades

As all of you lovely blog followers know, the hundreds of you, I rarely write anything in my posts. I like to post pretty pictures of the pretty boy and let them speak for themselves. Just for fun, and to change things up, I'm writing something before posting the most recent pictures of our more recent travels. This summer has been one of adventure: adventure to new countries, old friends, gay marriage, chickens, and parks and playgrounds everywhere we can find them. The boy has been an excellent travel companion, sleeping when necessary and playing all the time. He's made new friends of various ages, new kid friends as well as new adult friends. He's learned a little German and taken after his big cousin Eric. He's wished me a Happy Birthday about 10 times, which is pretty much the greatest birthday present ever. He's learned how to talk on the phone to his grandparents. When I tell him we are about to travel somewhere he says, "Do you think they will have toy cars there"?

Here they are, pictures from our most recent trip, to Seattle. We saw Susy's parents and sister, went to a wedding, and met Susy's friend from junior high, but somehow the only pics I got are of our visit with my friend Andrea from college. At least they are good and representative of the joy and sunshine of the weekend:

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 and 1/2

We took these pictures over the weekend at Rittenhouse Square. It was hot and sunny all weekend, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Here's Jacob smiling at some birds.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gay day at the zoo

See the Flamingos in the background?

Jacob and Zach at Zach's birthday party, with the fantabulous, homemade train cake.

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Jakesnake and Zachy

Sorry for the poor quality and small size, but I had to post some pics of the boys.

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